Monday, June 14, 2010


I just realized that I haven't even been keeping up with once a month posts. So here's my update, in no particular order.

1. Google analytics is really frelling annoying today. It's made Ravelry unusable and is probably going to make this post shorter than usual. I'm not even sure of what I need to do to make it stop. I did run malware/virus scans and nothing came up.

2. I'm back into the RP swing on Star Pirates. I really enjoy RPing with that crew. Collaborative writing is a kick in the pants, both in the sense of being a lot of fun, and in the sense that it gets me motivated to actually write (and even more importantly, edit).

3. I want to knit. This is inconvenient because I'm supposed to be putting a crochet blanket together for Leah's birthday (Saturday), I have a shawl half-finished (Converted Shipwreck), and I have a really cool idea for another shawl/throw. I think I need to work out a reward system with myself.

4. I have an essay sketched out on late Victorian action adventure movies. I promise It won't turn out to be a rant, I'm a better writer than that. (Okay, maybe a little rant. Just a skosh.)

5. I'm gonna shoot somebody at google analytics with a dirty sock gun. This isn't funny.

6. I will add links to this post once I get the google problem sorted out.

*wanders off grumbling*

ETA: I finally got google analytics sorted out. I ended up having to install NoScript. It makes things a tidge slower, but it's totally worth it.

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